My Marmon/Travel Photo wins in Prestigious Magazine Awards


One of my pictures has won the WPA (Western Publishing Association) 'Maggie' Award 2012, for 'Best Single Editorial Photograph'.

The award, announced on April 28th, was for my photograph of an old-timer car en route past Mount St.Helens in Washington State. The area the 1926 Marmon car was traveling through was devastated in 1980 when an eruption blew away the mountain top, destroying some 230 sq. miles of surrounding forest. I manipulated the photo's colors to make a foreground tree look wounded - and a symbol of the devastation all around. The gashed tree (with a scar in red) and car stand out against the monochrome sky and background. Although the original was in full-color I think manipulating the image gives a more accurate sense to how I felt about the area and its recent history.

About the Award - From the WPA information site:
One of WPA's primary objectives is to promote the pursuit of excellence among publishing professionals. The tools, training and information WPA provides are designed to improve skills, foster creativity and inspire our members to do their best work. WPA believes recognition is the best way to honor achievement. For more than fifty-eight years, WPA has bestowed awards of excellence to deserving individuals and companies whose work is deemed "The Best in the West" in a wide variety of publishing categories.

Original Picture below

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