Top Gear UK Shoot: Lambo Vs Porsche in SoCal Desert

Just finished my latest Top Gear magazine shoot. Two exotic sportscars; The Porsche 911 Speedster and Lamborghini Gallado Performante Spyder. Bloody long day - had to get up at 4.30 am to meet Stephen Corby (Aussie editor) in the Lambo outside the Palm Springs City sign at daybreak.

Then off to my favorite bit of blacktop near the Salton Sea where we met Pat Devereux in the Speedster to do the twin action shots.

Finished up the Lambo shoot in the afternoon at an amazing place called Slab City (try and find that on an e-navigator) and have included a few pix in this blog.

Perfect photo shoot weather - Warm but with some clouds to break-up all the blue associated with a desert winter. Think the shoot is for the January issue - which, in the manner of all things publishing, probably means it will have a February dateline on the cover.


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