Attending Pre-Season Formula One Testing At Circuit de Barcelona

F1_2019_ Ferrari-3

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I still can't believe how quick F1 has become. The cars change direction in a manner that defies science - Making it hard to capture that exact moment, even with autofocus and an 8fps 'motordrive'. Having just spent a whole day at pre-season testing (at Circuit de Barcelona) two things ocurred to me on examining my shots:-
1/ Why are all the 2019 cars painted the deepest matt black under the waistline? What are they hiding?
2/ How ugly are those new front spoilers?
The matt black underbody makes low-down shots difficult as the exposure difference from topsides in the sun is about 11 stops. Yikes!
As for racing predictions - Look out for Ferrari, good to see Mclaren performing reliably and love that Alfa Romeo!
If you are interested I've made a few of my shots available online (in high-resolution) here: -

F1_2019_ Alfa-Romeo-1

F1_2019_ Haas-1

F1_2019_ McLaren-1

F1_2019_ Mercedes-2

F1_2019_ Renault-1

F1_2019_ Toro_Rosso-1
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